Meera Donkar Aug 22, at 5: Swanandi realizes that she has lost her mobile phone. Nikita Feb 13, at 7: Swanandi secretly listens to their conversation. On the other hand, Indraneel’s friend asks him to cast Swanandi away from his life. Neel…over acting irritating…tychya baap.. Sayali waves her hands at him but he doesn’t pay any attention to them. Neel hushar ani Soft.

Swanandi tells her family that she will not marry Indraneel. Hi serial ata band karavi. I hate sampada too.. Lalita answers the call and insults Swanandi for being poor and irresponsible. Suhas Paranjape and Chinmay Udgirkar were her co-stars in this serial. Mai decides to not attend the engagement ceremony as she does not wish to miss watching daily soaps.

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Nanda Saukhya Bhare Swanandi Sister Real Name & Biography

She tells Lalita that the girls are from well-off families. Swanandi’s aunt asks her to come outside and meet Indraneel. Vacchi aatya brings Ashwini Desai and her family to Lalita’s house. Ajinkya Gaikwad Jan 30, at 2: Saddened Vacchi aatya returns home. Arun Jun 9, at 5: He suggests Swanandi to chat with Indraneel.

Rang Bhari Re Song: Later, Sampada tells her parents that she wants her marriage to be a grand one. She requests Swanandi to apologize to Vacchi Aatya for her behaviour. Click here to login. Swanandi learns that Vacchi Aatya is deliberately finding faults in girls attending the ceremony. Vacchi aatya calls Hemant and asks him to convince Indraneel for the marriage. Swanandi tells her family that she will not marry Indraneel.


Suresh Bhuskute Sep 26, at 4: She also comfortably informs Lalita that the respective girls have some negative traits in them. Rutuja ati sunder ahes w sunder acting keep it up.

Nanda Saukhya Bhare – Zee Marathi Serial

Swanandi makes a calls on Indraneel’s mobile. He meets his friend and informs him about the same.

Swanandi learns that Lalita is Indraneel’s mother. Maze Pati Saubhagyavati Marathi. Will Lalita fall prey to Vacchi Aatya’s devious plan? She is very sweet and acts so nice. Taking my words back. She assures Ashwini that Indraneel would accept her marriage proposal.

Swanandi’s mother excitedly tells her family that Swanandi has agreed for the marriage. Nikita Feb 13, at 7: Vacchi is determined that Swanandi is the perfect match for someone like Lalita. All characters are good and every one is suitable.!

Sampada’s mother informs her that Vacchi Aatya would soon find an alliance for her. Swanandi finds out that her mobile is with Indraneel.


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Prome jo dakhavtay sadhya to ki lalita vatsala chya ghari jate Tyveles je obessive word waparlet perticular caste baddal te band kra promo. Saee Rajan Dhase Aug 23, at 2: Sakhi Gokhale Biography Marathi. Neel dokyat jato evadhe koni aai vede nahi ya jagat. Suhas Paranjape and Chinmay Udgirkar were her co-stars in this serial. Lalita replies Vacchi aatya that her family too is no less than Swanandi’s family. Swanandi calls Indraneel and asks him to hand over her mobile phone to the flower seller.

Vachchi atya bhari, swanandi acts ok but looks batthad. Swanandi’s mother tells her that Vacchi Aatya is coming to caast house. Swanandi asks her relatives to be ready to attend Soham and Varsha’s engagement party.

cat But this is very nice serial, no extra essence added. Nanda Saukhya Bhare – Episodes Lalita requests Vacchi aatya’s sister to sign on the legal papers to sell her piece of land.