The clock during Cinebench multi test was constantly at 2. The Silent mode is significant here. NightSky , Oct 22, Available on Windows 7 and later versions. The user can thus enjoy the benefits of the virtually invisible Optimus technology to switch between Intel HD Graphics and GeForce. The turbo range up to 3. We weren’t able to find any results. Mass Effect 3 runs smoothly with 42 FPS in the highest settings.

I compared them side by side and the Samsung couldn’t even get a signal unless I was by the window the router for that spot was in a different house. Disk data transfer rate. The Lenovo always connected. Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision. There is no search result. Bad Company 2 How do I find my model number?

John RatseyOct 23, Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a reference only. Ollie Feb 18, The latter, however, can only be done with a very efficient cooling system, which is not common with small and flat notebooks. The warranty referenced above is Samsung’s manufacturer There should be more notebooks like this. Already with slightly different weries angles, there are annying ghost images.

NPZ3C 14″ Series 7 Chronos Notebook | Samsung Support UK

Email Samsung Shop For new and existing orders. Disk data transfer rate.

Notebook panels that bright are few and far between. Unfortunately, no adapter is in the box. Call General Support Monday to Sunday 8am to 10pm. The fan system is acceptable; at least the turbo boost processor reaches almost the same scores as the same model in the inch xhronos MSI GEiW7H.


I just got my Samsung Series 7 Chronos 14″ with Nvidia graphics card. No results for Manuals ” “. No first time setup guides.

There are heaps of compact 13 to 14 inch allround devices with form graphics. I installed all current updates and went into administrative tools under the scheduler and ran the synchronization.

No recently updated software. For new and existing orders: Seriees idle mode and during small load, the fan is turned off or at the bottom level with Your name or email address: Mass Effect 3 The second issues is that the signal strength of the wireless card is really weak.

SAMSUNG – Series 7 Chronos 14″ NPZ3C Windows 8 notebook |

After the stress test, Battlefield: High-priced and well made, but again not as esries as the 9 series notebooks and sub notebooks. Without the parallel GPU load, the clock is constant at around 2. Samsung only allows a deactivation or reset of the cache. Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

Temperature development can be seen as critical; on the whole it remains acceptable taking into account the performance and the small form factor. Good craftsmanship goes hand in hand with perfect input devices.

Review Update Samsung Series 7 700Z3C-S01 Notebook

Face-to-face support Get help from our authorised support centres. I kept pressing the synchronize button over and over again, and it finally connected and successfully synchronized too. Windows 10 or later. Users have no access to the flash storage, which is connected as mSATA module.


NightSkyOct 22, Samsung Series 7 Z3C-S01, made available by: Ventilation underneath the hinge. I already made sure it’s the proper timezone. The Lenovo always connected. Battery life is fantastic and better than that of its predecessor. The TN panel still has small viewing angles; nothing has been improved here.

This results in a higher stability of the edge of the chassis. The older Risen crhonos not always run smoothly in high settings.

For whatever reason, there was an error when the clock was trying to synchronize. There is no search result.

More battery life, more gaming power and a better panel compared to predecessor Z3A. It is the best value which a GT M was n7p00z3c to achieve in these settings.

The warranty period on Samsung notebooks is 12 months. Stress test Prime95 Only: Ok, I figured out what the problem was with the time.

The device does not feature a lateral opening, as would be expected, but a hidden one underneath the hinge, which means that the latter warms up considerably as it is constantly surrounded by hot waste air.