People are still buying Pocket God! Make a banshee scream by tap and holding a ghost. And on the 7th Day, Rest! This continues until disease is spread throughout the islands. Make a burnt fish by holding the fish over the fire for too long. Many things they come into contact with including each other also gets germ-love, and become contagious. Pay homage to Amateur Surgeon by splatting the islands with blood, or by using a hypodermic needle as a spear. Burn ants with magnifying glass.

The Facebook version was released December 23, Pygmy chokes on the burned Dodo bird. Jump on storm cloud in Ooga jump. Developer Website App Support. In celebration with the release of the first issue of Pocket God, the comic by Ape Entertainment, we’ve added a new area, Ape Mountain. Use underwater oil power. State of the Island:

Archived from the original on Good Will Haunting Ep Hit a standing Pygmy with a bird bomb. In just the next room, there is a Purification Fountain, that sparkles and shines with magical liquid that kills germs. Turn the T-Rex into a T-Zombie! The islanders would be called Oogs instead of Pygmies, and the Moai statue would be replaced with episoxe statue of an Octopus God. Pygmy carries log to the fire pit on episoce rock island.

T-Rex eats baby pygmy. This challenge is only possible in the graveyard island. Collect at least four idols in the Challenge of the Gods, go to God Island on the map, set idols on the pedestals to open the temple and enter the battle arena. Pygmy eats a coconut. Oh, and he calls himself Charlie. Once the swarm is created, experiment to see what they can do.


Feed Jellyfish a Pygmy smoothy. While the objective of Pocket God is to explore, experiment and have fun, ;ocket now offer a whole new way to gd your god powers. Burn Pygmy with lava falling from the sky anndroid you throw 3 pygmies in the volcano. Activate underwater freezing power. Still haven’t had enough pygmy? Zap Dodo bird with lightning. Tap an icon and you will be challenged to find all the godly powers bestowed upon you for that episode.

Pocket God Answers for iPhone – iPad

The second crossover was with Harbor Master on August 8, where Pygmies replaced the normal boats in the path drawing game. Pygmy waiting to go in the out house explodes. Place a Pygmy on the bod Thetan-creating machine, move the lever, and watch him explode into a veritable flurry of Thetans.

poocket Built-in features of iOSthe iPad, and iPod Touch are used, such as the accelerometer to simulate gravity and earthquakes.

Tap Sand island statue to vaporize Pygmies.

Monkey See, Monkey Chew Ep Decorate your island with sporty football swag! Watch a story in story mode. Epiode Time Is this the beginning of the end? Call forth sharks from the deep with laser beams on their heads to fire upon the islanders.


Finding the first piece of booty, kicks off the mini-game and gets the attention of the 3b1 who will start to chase you. Pick up wood in hurricane.

He taps into nerd culture with a retro flairincluding toys, monsters and sci-fi. Tap an icon and you will be challenged to go find all the godly powers bestowed upon you for that episode. The END of what?! But is that such a good idea?

Call of Booty By popular demand, we introduce to you a whole new update with a vast new undersea area! Parry is not only known for leading the punk band Nerf Herder, but he is also a solo artist that produces insanely catchy pop songs and YouTube videos.

Episode 31b: what does “what’s the latest?” mean? – Pocket God Answers for iPhone – iPad (iOS)

Defeat the barking spider. Find all the tasks for an episode and acquire a God Idol! The Perfect Swarm The countdown to doom gets a whole lot grosser with this installment!