Hibiki, who had been watching the days events, takes the model Laala and throws it into another bin, vowing to get rid of Laala once and for all. The promotion war ends with a Competition where Gloria is chosen to taste different foods from each restaurant. Although the audience is shocked they still cheer Hibiki on who makes her debut. Falulu’s robot becomes damaged but all the girls manage to fix it for her. Meanwhile Sophy drops down from exhaustion after a performance, causing her Royal Guard to shield her from her fans and escort her to her dressing room. Until Season 2 episode 35, Hibiki is referred to as male.

Mirei is confused because they only need one more member, but Dorothy tries to get Mirei to drop Laala saying she and Reona are a package deal. It is later revealed that with her mission to make the Paradise Coord shine complete, she must leave. Later Fuwari goes to return the glass slippers Hibiki gave her, and thanks him for giving her the opportunity to come to Japan, even though she isn’t cut out to be a princess. Celepara Opera Company performs the concert, but afterwards Mikan goes to find Aroma, deciding she doesn’t want to be part of Hibiki’s Dream Team anymore. Kuma, admiring her determination, tells Mirei that whomever becomes her manager will be the luckiest in PriPara. Falulu thanks him and he tells her how much like a princess she is. Laala and the others agree to help Ran win the competition while Aroma tries to regain the top position.

Mirei refuses and drops Dorothy from the team. Back in the present Meganee bring some flowers to Mirei and her PriPass, which Kuma had left in the flower shop when he bought the flowers for his and Mirei’s one year anniversary.

Once in the park, Laala and the others force her into the underground stage to watch Gaaruru perform. But if they fail then he will be choosing whoever he sees fit as their partner.

She manages to reach the eleventh floor where Laala and Mirei are waiting. Mirei thanks her and reluctantly agrees to let Laala form the dream team.

Both designers each produce a Coord and the audience votes on the best, however both Cosmo and Ajimi receive equal marks for every design they produce causing them to become frustrated.

PriPara Episode 56

Hibiki then leaves, ignoring the questions from the others who are all exhausted from playing soccer. Wanting revenge she manages to find her 5 and heads to Prism Stone. Everyone heads over to the stage to watch Falulu who announces her participation in Hibiki’s Princess team.


Dorothy and Reona head up to the high diving board and notice Love sitting on the edge looking at something. Everyone snaps friends tickets and throws them to Falulu, the Paradise Coord begins to shine again and the girls continue their performance. Meganii explains that in order to fully evaluate everyone’s potential, a Dream team is epiode disbanded after every performance, meaning each idol is not tied down to one team but can perform with multiple teams.

Anko decides to give Miruku the mitten with Anko’s face on so that they will each hold half the dub.

Unicorn scanned all of their tickets and brought them to life in the hope of giving them the same chance at becoming real girls like Falulu. Its butterfly wings, representing Hibiki’s spy cam. The first match pins Love against Dorothy, Pripaga and Amamiya. Sion Todo is a girl with whose skill in the game of Go is unmatched by anyone.

Mikan has been having doubts about the events preceding the Winter Grand Prix, after failing to talk to Aroma about it she becomes depressed and watches pigeons eating bread in PriPara.

PriPara Episode 56 English Sub

Unicorn appears at the door, having assumed her original form to everyone’s surprise, and announces Falulu’s arrival. But this only strengthens Usacha’s pride in her brother’s hard work. The second model in the diorama is revealed to be Falulu. On entering Pripara Love feels initially awkward, but on hearing comments from Laala and the other becomes more confident. Meanwhile Sophy vows to do things more on her own and attempts to go to Pripara by herself.

Sophy however is unable to complete the making drama, which shows her locked in a cage, unable to get out. During the performance, Sophy manages to produce a golden Cyalume Airy and ranks up to the top idol rank. Mirei theories that there must be a dpisode entrance within the elevator. The girls think she has been attacked until she jumps up and explains the situation before realising envlish the figure eight clue means. Upon reaching her apartment, the girls find out from Cosmo that Sophy isn’t home, but Mirei recognises Cosmo as the famous fashion designer who designs all the Cyalume Coords in PriPara.


While walking home after school, Laala meets up with Mikan and Aroma, as well as two preschool children, Anko and Miruku, who have lost their dog. When the headmistress comes searching for her, Fuwari loses her balance and englksh from sib tree, but is caught by Hibiki on a motorcycle.

After Meganee leaves Gaaruru uses the controls to create a monster attack in Pripara before running off. Laala and Sophy congratulate her and Laala is shocked to discover Mirei debuted in elementary school.

As they are interviewed by Meganii, Hibiki switches off the TV in annoyance. The three perform the team forming ceremony as a delighted Kuma and Cosmo, and a distraught Usagi watch on.

PriPara Episode 56 English Subbed/Dubbed | AnimeRhino

Fuwari says she is up the tree to see if she can find Paprika Private Academy, which she will be attending while in Japan, so Laala offers to show her the way. When the time is right, all girls receive a PriTicket, granting them access to the world of PriPara. Andou rushes to tell Hibiki that the secret entrance into Pripara has been discovered, but Hibiki just smiles and looks at the Dream Theatre diorama.

She tell Sophy that if she really wants to be happy she’ll come to the eleventh floor, before being thrown out of the eposode by panda guards. Upon investigation they discover Anko and Miruku, the two preschool children they had met earlier in the year. Just as Meganii, spisode Panda’s, Laala and friends are about to confront him, Hibiki reveals himself as the Thieving Genius.

Kuma announces that Peisode, Laala and Sophy will be performing a live for winning the Sparkling Grand Prix, but that they need to come up with a team name.

Falulu thanks him and he tells her how much like a princess she is. The winners will be the image girls of a new Autumn-themed lipstick. Dorothy, Reona and Amamiya go to apologise to Love who tells them the man is her tennis coach who she has a huge crush on but is planning on travelling abroad to play tennis.