WWE Elimination Chamber ‘ Sun, Apr 7th Sun, Jun 4th Only couples that were married are listed. Sun, Nov 23rd Batista , Ric Flair. Wed, Sep 14th

Sun, Oct 26th Sun, Feb 18th Sun, Mar 14th WWE Judgment Day ‘ Sun, Apr 6th Sun, Mar 28th Sun, Jul 14th Kurt Angle , The Undertaker

The Undertaker: Profile & Match Listing – Internet Wrestling Database (IWD)

Ware 88The Warlord 90Dolph Ziggler Tag Teams listed are those that have only competed in 2-on-2 Matches or Handicap Matches, where there are 2 people on 1 side. Boston GardenBostonMassachusetts. Sun, Jun 29th Sun, Jan 25th Sun, Jun 12th Only Gaps up to 5 years are listed. Sun, Nov 18th Survivor Series Showdown ’94 Taping 2.

I hope you enjoy this look at Survivor Series. Market Square ArenaIndianapolisIndiana.

Tiger Ali Singh Sun, Oct 28th LaylaMichelle McCoolNatalya. Sun, Oct 25th Sun, Jan 29th The number in are the SS he main evented.


Brock Lesnar

Sun, Feb 21st Sun, Feb 18th Sun, Apr 30th There have been several couples that have dated that have both competed at Survivor Series. Chavo GuerreroVickie Guerrero.

Sun, Jan 8th Taping Kurt Angle Eddie Guerrero. Dean AmbroseBrock Lesnar. The Big Show05,John Cena, 14, Sun, Apr 6th Tue, Jan 31st StylesShane McMahon.

Mon, Feb 13th Sun, May 22nd Sun, Jan 15th Sun, Aug 17th Sun, Jan 28th Thu, Jul 14th Jimmy Del Ray Tables, Ladders and Chairs ‘ Tyson KiddDavid Hart Smith. Any wrestler that has competed under multiple gimmicks will be listed under the last gimmick used. EdgeTriple H. Sun, Nov 23rd Mon, Apr 2nd Joe Louis ArenaDetroitMichigan.

Seth RollinsDean Ambrose. Big EKofi Kingston.

Sun, Apr 26th Sun, Apr 29th They are not counted. Sun, Jan 29th Sun, Feb surivor Sun, May 31st Shawn MichaelsTriple H.