You can see all the Movie Roundup Articles that we have here. Spencer’s enthusiasm is initially viewed as that of ‘a big kid’, until he overindulges on the wine at dinner. But it’s not the food that causes discomfort, it’s one of the guests. Sections of this page. However, the following morning brings with it a shower disaster. Paul makes the most of the Shakespeare connection by taking his guests to perform some of the Bard’s best bits. At breakfast some of the guests struggle with the small breakfast room, but the food itself goes down quite well.

Deborah Morrison and Wayne Bingham open their doors in Torquay, where a game of archery causes allegations of unfair play to fly. Ivonne Coll also stars. Young bucks Edward Prophet and Rachel Pickup, despite being initially terrified, are in their element during the afternoon’s session of tree-walking at Go Ape. If the error persists – please mail us a details problem description using the contact-form: Although based in the historical and cultural hotbed of Canterbury, Sandie opts for a more liquid based activity by taking her guests to a local brewery. Mary Haerr and her American husband Nelson welcome their guests to The Meadowsweet Hotel in Llanrwst, North Wales, where most of the guests are bowled over by their rooms. The competing guests are from South Wales, Edinburgh and Abingdon.

The guests wake up the next day having had a faultlessly good night’s sleep and looking forward to breakfast. We looked around for something to watch for about half an hour, bouncing from station to station in the wasteland that is our digital cable. And Wayne and Deborah’s payments leave the competition result in the balance. Former pop singer Danny Karne welcomes guests to his fashion-and rock ‘n’ roll-themed hotel in central London, and the sports car parked outside wafch his visitors.

After the crash, Rayna is in a coma and Deacon is left to wait on his pending jail sentence.

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Julie’s rivals are gobsmacked by their surroundings, but Robbie and John Welling aren’t thrilled with the lack of en-suite and old blu tack on their bedroom walls, while John and Fiona are shocked to find synthetic bedding. On arrival, Marianne Omline and Fran Birchwood love the seaside-inspired room, but entrepreneur Mark Genders is far from thrilled by the ‘no frills’ experience.


But at the breakfast table the guests are none the wiser.

The last visit is to the Five Bells Pub in Berkshire, where entrepreneur Mark Genders hopes his guests will think his small rooms are perfectly formed. On arrival, the guests are impressed with the spotless standards, but partners Del Cain and Roy Williamson uncover a dirty glass. And when he refuses to eat breakfast, earns himself the nickname GG, meaning Grumpy Gordon.

The competition culminates in Portland after a week of ups and downs around the country. And next morning a nervous Lorraine makes a hash of the coffee, leaving the guests parched.

A fancy fish restaurant for dinner gets Sandie’s guests bonding, but the conversation soon turns to the history of the House of Agnes and its friendly ghost. At check-out Teresa pulls no punches when describing her disappointing stay, leaving an offended Ruth to declare that bluf wouldn’t be welcome back.

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Russ and Jamie enter the world of the occult and have sex after falling under the spell The guests have particularly high expectations after listening to Julian share his values with the group all week. Rookie Blue Cast and Crew News.

Later Teresa breaks into song at the table. An afternoon of fairground fun turns a bit fighty in Cleethorpes. The unique gypsy caravans are not to everyone’s liking and the yoga class fails to calm the tensions rising within the group. The internet has given us the ability to purchase so many things. At check-out, the hosts are left wondering why Phil says he won’t return again.

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The hosts tee off the competitive spirit with a round of golf, and over dinner thespian Peter performs to the amazement of the group. On lnline the guests are amazed by the building, but for some the rooms aren’t quite shipshape, as Lucy and Caroline find wach, and Kevin and Robert reckon they’ve been put in a cupboard. But a coffee shortage at breakfast causes concern.


On arrival, even picky Christine can’t find fault with the beauty and quality of the rooms, and the high spirits continue into the afternoon when the guests visit an organic local supplier to pick their own dinner – asparagus.

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And David and Kevin get teary eyed as they realise they misjudged Alfie and Phil. Monica, being undercover with The guests are wowed by the rooms in the 16th-century manor house.

But despite some disappointing bacon at breakfast, the feedback at check out time the next day leaves the hosts feeling pretty confident. For well-heeled couple Dominic and Stephanie a trip to low-budget Blackpool is uncharted territory, but they take it in their stride and even go along with with the nightly cabaret show.

On the next morning, the amount of animal ornaments and taxidermy wath the breakfast room is overkill for some, and Stephen describes it as a ‘dead zoo’. It’s payment day and Simon of Old Hall Country House is stunned by a generous overpayment, while Eileen from Thornley is on the receiving end of some harsh criticism and some even harsher payments.

Ziggy leaves no stone unturned in his search for dust, even dismantling the bed, before deciding he would rather sleep in the wardrobe. But the back-to-basics approach doesn’t go down well with all the guests. Come feedback time, one couple’s criticism takes the wind from Dominic’s sails.

The guests are split by gender to sample the area, with the men firing machine guns at a shooting range and the women relaxing at a spa – but a carpeted bathroom and shower without hot water raise questions.