National Energy Map for India: Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it. Led by the mayor and municipal commissioner, the AMC Health Department has pioneered community health strategies for decades. Post your suggestions here. Effective working relationships are vital since they form the foundation for long-term success and useful knowledge sharing beyond a single city. Quantifying the effect of air quality control measures during the Commonwealth Games at Delhi, India. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflict of interest.

Another underlying premise is that certain populations are at greater risk to air pollution-related health effects because of relatively high exposures e. Intervention Implementation The review of the existing air quality policy landscape, available air quality data, and AQI systems operating in India and other cities worldwide informed the development the AIR Plan. Posted by hemalip93 – – The effect of driving restrictions on air quality in Mexico City. When Is Your BirthdaY? Find articles by Sathish L. Exposures to fine particulate matter PM 2.

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Long term energy and emission implications of a global shift to electricity-based public rail transportation system. The influence of odd—even car trial on fine and coarse particles in Delhi. These AQI data and health effects advisories are continuously updated online [ ]. The AIR Plan aims to support future air pollution research in the city with a focus on emissions sources, air quality trends, and epidemiologic investigation.

Cause-specific premature death from ambient PM2. Asarthi Exposure to Fine Particles and Mortality: This approach was also conducive to forming innovative solutions, in wpisode to one-way communication models [ 74 ]. Resham Dankh–Update Posted by priya4k3 – – Fourth, numerous communication challenges were encountered in this work.

Urban air quality management-A review.

In addition to advocating directly for the health of individual patients, health professionals are local leaders with the experience and expertise to inform local interventions and policy strategies to reduce the health burden of air pollution. Biogenic volatile organic compound emissions from nine tree species used in an urban tree-planting program.


Synthesizing the issue brief research and stakeholder discussions, the mayor of Ahmedabad released a draft AIR Plan at a stakeholder workshop in February [ 72 ], making it available for a three-month public comment period [ 73 ].

The model also posits that strategies for conveying risk information and corresponding exposure mitigation recommendations would reduce the population health risks related to air pollution [ 66 ]. Effective stakeholder outreach and community engagement were essential for planning the intervention in Ahmedabad.

This report showed that the top three sources of PM 2. Ahmedabad Air Information and Response Plan.

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South Asians and Cardiovascular Risk: Cities are increasingly working to disseminate information on air pollution levels and associated health risks with the aim of reducing harmful exposures at the population level [ 192021 ].

Monitoring of air pollution for application in epidemiologic research is limited in India, where measurements of PM 10 are more common than for PM 2. World Health Organization Health and Environment: Example AIR Sarthi IEC outreach materials delivered in Gujarati to enhance public awareness on major air pollution sources, including thermal coal-fired power plants.

Overview of the reanalysis of the Harvard six cities study and American Cancer Society study of particulate air pollution and mortality. Effects of air dpisode on the respiratory health of children: Posted by arpita – – The monitors measure small particles PM 2.

Estimating emissions from the Indian transport sector with on-road fleet composition and traffic volume. Rendezvous with Simi Garewal In sum, effective AQI systems require strong foundations of robust air pollution 414, effective communication of health risk information, and robust interagency coordination. Medical professionals especially pulmonologists from Ahmedabad and New Delhi were essential members of the coalition.


All All 0 Dislike 0. Given the current toll of air pollution and the threat of this burden increasing in the future, forward-thinking planning is vital for safeguarding public health. An empirical relationship between PM 2. The chemical formation of O 3 in the troposphere is temperature-dependent, and higher average surface temperatures are generally expected to worsen O saartbi pollution at mid-latitudes worldwide [ saaethi51 ].

All AQI reporting systems relate air quality saathi data to anticipated public health impacts by assessing monitored levels of pollution relative to health-based air quality benchmarks [ 2375 ].

Beyond this visual tool, stakeholder coordination benefitted from focused and clear communications and, in the case of the expert working group, face-to-face meetings that were a more efficient medium for the exchange of ideas and information than electronic communications [ ]. Robust epidemiological research over the past two decades confirms that both acute and chronic exposure to ambient air saarthj, especially PM 2.

Ozone and short-term mortality in 95 US urban communities, — Cardiovascular mortality and exposure to airborne fine particulate matter and cigarette smoke. A case study of Kanpur City in India. Lung cancer, cardiopulmonary mortality, and long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution. Energy and Human Health. EPA-certified instruments and calculation methods to convert raw PM 2. Urban transport crisis in India.

Development of Ahmedabad’s Air Information and Response (AIR) Plan to Protect Public Health

The GPCB was engaged from the inception of the project, given its authority on air quality and pollution issues in the region. Evidence from the survey of the health of Wisconsin. Baseline Data To inform efforts on improved air quality monitoring and communication, it was necessary to ascertain the information already available from prior work in the city.

For example, the U.