My Daughter Seo-young bowed out with an all-time best I was so scared of becoming a parent — I, who had abandoned my own parent. This was one explosive end to an episode. At the hospital, Papa Kang wakes up from a nap and finds Seo-young holding onto his hand, fast asleep. Finally reaching her, he takes her tear-streaked face into his hands and kisses her, affirming their love at last. I love Kim Hye-ok Mama Kang. Taken aback, he asks Seo-young and his parents what is going on, and President Kang informs him that they called Seo-young. Papa Lee walks along Morae-jae Road and sees his younger self with a younger Mama Lee, holding hands as they strolled down the path.

Sang-woo is now a doctor and dating Kang Mi-kyung Park Jung-ah , not knowing that she is the middle child and the only daughter of the Kang family. In an age when so many families are broken and people find themselves lost in the tempest called life, these dramas give us a glimpse into a world where love and family ultimately prevail. I will see all of that in your eyes and my heart will clench with fear. Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Bo-young. What if just passes away like that, only having spent his life telling us he is sorry? Pinkblossom thank you very much for your recap all this time. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And, uh, Woo-jae, that position is reserved for Papa Lee.

And the finale gave us the chance to see the progress after the reconciliation. They did not divorce and remain together. His final words to her: Over at sajangku Kang residence, Mama Kang is piggybacking an adooorable baby girl. Papa Lee softly smiles and says they actually met here in Jin-an. Despite ddrama charade, Ho-jung told Sang-woo that she will wait as long as it takes for him to finally love her as a true wife. And another thing, as I had mentioned before: Ho-jung says Sol seems like a bean sprout, and Seo-young quickly defends her darling.


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A happy Seo-young and a regretful Woo-jae… Woo-jae, after standing for a while outside, turns away just as Seo-young walks out, heading in the opposite direction. I wavered, for he approached me in that difficult time, but I did not want to get married in spite of opposition from parentsand I did not think you would approve of the marriage.

I like the story very much. I thought it right that you accept your father first.

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Did anyone see the humor in the joint wedding? Her confession to Woo-jae-sshi felt like the substantive gift of this series and this episode was the beautiful wrapping that surrounded that gift. What Father hopes for sino;si is not this. We surely have gone through a lot for this series. Now, can I blame you or the drama and how this episode was written for making my eyes so puffy?

Seo-young, Woo-jae, Ho-jung, and Sang-woo silently stand sinopsl watch Papa Lee, as if in salute and honor of his life.

She really thought the guy was a student this time. She sees another voice recording in the list sayahgku, wondering what it is, plays it. President Kang says Woo-jae was actually fine — too fine, in fact — and wonders whether he is dating Seo-young again.


If you look at it from a different perspective, Woo-jae-sshi is actually a jerk. I thought we had hit our peak last week with Episode 47, but man was I wrong. It is now time for the brides to make their procession eeo the aisle, and a gorgeously understated yet elegant Seo-young makes her way to a nervous Papa Lee.

SINOPSIS My Daughter Seo Young Episode 1 – 50 – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Mother, Father, be healthy. From the newbies to the leads to the veterans, every single person gave lights-out performances. Seoul International Drama Awards. Three years have passed. Seo-young asks if she should quit working, then, and Mama Kang pinches her for her cheekiness. I want it for the younger cast eipsode, of course, but I really want it for the veteran actors and actresses.

Is that why she came today and begged for forgiveness? Sang-woo sees Woo-jae and asks if he came to see Papa Lee. Some indefinable time later, Seo-young meets with Eun-ho, who has received a 6-month sentence.

I am very sorry for giving Woo-jae-sshi the scar of divorce, and for embarrassing you both. Despite his sayankgu against Seo-young’s life choices, he still loves Seo-young and decides to give up on Mi-kyung.