So far, her clothes are hideous and unfashionable. Mystisith October 27, at I can’t like the female lead too. That was my deduction. I never expect sth, so this maybe I found it’s fun? I was really looking forward to this drama but the male lead is disappointing.

It does not help that I cannot tell who is who from the back of their head. I am going to watch this one for him and only him: The actors are of that right age where they can act like juvenile ten-year-olds and still get away with it. Noh Min Woo who? Kang-hwi begs Tae-ik to accept it on his behalf, but of course, that just makes Tae-ik more angry for being ordered around. Mar October 27, at Since when he tells her she should tell him it was a cat she just said Chato like “isn’t it obvious”. I’m pretty sure he never got surgery.

The man needs to gain about 20 pounds. And so, I present to you the sequel that has nothing to do with fulo original, the spinoff that has nothing to do with the original, the drama that you should not have any expectations going into… Full House Take 2. When Tae Ik exudes not a scintilla of maleness? Please continue to recap this series! So surprised on seeing a recap of this comedy.

Park Ki-woong and Noh Min-woo: Out of revenge, Kang-hwi makes his injury a much bigger deal than it really is: PKW is so adorkably funny!

Mystisith October 27, at 6: She looks like an adjumma. Flashing abs no less! She takes her best friend Han Ga-ryung out on the scooter to the shopping mall, where they begin purchasing cheap clothing to resell.


I just watch for No Min Woo, but why did they give him such horrendous hairstyle?! Fire hwang Jung fuull stylist please.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: Full House Take 2

I’ve not read the whole recap yet but I really enjoyed the screen caps. Why she can’t think it’s good? Add all the over the top-ness, the parody on You’re Beautiful and then the fan service kiss thing, the bad lip syncing, is this show going to totally just have fun with k pop and k drama? It’s really what I wished To the Beautiful You could’ve been.

The n in French would be pronounced just a bit though And you talk of a cock blocker scene. He looked way better in Secret Garden. I heart you kaedejun, thanks for the laugh.

So much bad hair in one drama. After watching 4 episodes, I think it’s great. Or did someone fail French on the crew. I don’t think he got surgery, but he did drop a lot of kgs for Midas and they never came back.

It seems the scarf he so adamantly insisted on wearing is giving him a severe allergic reaction. Episodes by odilettante.

Mar October 27, at You can’t even freeze xinopsis brain cells. Good thing Man-ok is around the corner to help him escape to a deserted street. I wouldn’t buy any clothes from HJE’s store.

It seems like they know that its all ridiculous and just got all out for it!! I mean practically creating a noose with that scarf and choking him to the point poor Kang-hwi is red in the face.

The drama is funny and very entertaining, I will definitely keep watching it. Fire the hair stylist!


It’s bad in a good way? Tae-ik gets competitive and tells Go-dong to speed up the car, as he needs to be there before Kang-hwi. He walks right into the camera and falls, suffering a small cut above his eyebrow. Two dramas with that atrocious hair and horrible clothes. HurryUp October 27, at Park Ki-woong can do no wrong in my eyes; he may choose weird projects, and while this one may be a blot on his resume, it certainly k–drama his comedic range.

Chateau means house or residence of a lord or nobility. I did not expect to enjoy this, but wow, it hit the spot. Its fun, whacky and entertaining. Its a fun, light watch.

– Indeks –

Tame actors are of that right age where they can act like juvenile ten-year-olds and still get away with it. He even got the theatrical group member lip-locking performance downpat. Having two handsome male leads kiss each other. Plus PKW is awesome in this role! However, after seeing the 2 episodes I forgot to say — second favorite scene — Park Ki-Woong going around in end of episode 1, Part 1, dressed like a Chinese gangster as part of his disguise.

They go to takf fancy housewarming party for the Lee family; Grandpa seems to be good friends with the father of the household perhaps even mentor.