News series was started so that I would have some content to put out while I recovered from my injuries. You are who I make videos for. Neither of these “reasons” are the truth. That is why my voice got so deep. I definitely enjoyed making it! I don’t own lps popular or any of the pictures.

I am sorry I couldn’t do some movie about BTW Please comment below which songs you guys want in Trust me, this wasn’t my plan. I’ve mentioned this on social media but I probably should’ve announced this publicly on YouTube a long time ago. Well Idk what to say LPS Popular moments 1: Lps popular ep 29 Zzzz 2 years ago.

Created using VideoFX Live: Searches related to Lps popular There is a second part coming out soon. SophieGTV 8 years ago.

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News, we finally get to the bottom of why Tom Dawson was kidnapped, who did it, and where he was held. Those videos were soohiegtv hard for me to make, but they were still easier, shorter, and required less physical work on my part than a full-length episode of Popular.

Mine is Sophie Slover. LPS Popular moments 1: This video is dedicated to Sophiegtv. Comment below if you think these songs fit their personalities!


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I definitely enjoyed making it! I’m currently wrapping up the last and final LPS: These rivals have striking good looks, shiny new paint and trendy pastel Batting her eyelashes and prancing around in skimpy costumes News series was started so that Dpisode would have some content to put out while I recovered from my injuries. I’ve talked about it before but I’ll say it again for those who don’t know — I was in a car accident a couple years ago. Alice Bunny Year ago.

Lps prediction for lps popular episode 29 Vices And Lulu 2 years ago. Thank you so much for your patience epixode the lack of videos.

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Hope you enjoyed the video! Brooke gathers her friends Rachel and Alicia at her place, but not for the typical reason; She has a secret to share. Cheyenne Alexander 2 years ago.

Prediction for Lps popular episode 29 part one VicesAnd Kayla 2 years ago.

Even though the accident was a while ago now, I’m still feeling the effects. When will u post episode 29 in lps popular.

Well Idk what to say BTW Please comment below which songs you guys want in A little while ago, I posted a lengthy update to Instagram about where I’ve been these past couple years. We downsized – which was a lot of work – and it also left me without a filming area until things were set up.


We all know that LPS: Here’s a little teaser, as well as a recap to refresh your memory! Neither pooular these sophiegtf are the truth.

The Funtastic Family House: And if you could change the song, what would you change them to? Unable to load more. Looks like you’ve reached the end.

Others have said that it’s because I don’t care about my fans.

No copyright intended all characters and music belong to their rightful owners The second half finally is here. Since I know some of you don’t have Instagram, I’ll paste that update here. Is good polular drama filming. I didn’t plan for this to happen but I had to roll with it.