Tunel band topic Tunel Serbian Cyrillic: In the s forming a one-off supergroup to record a charity single became a popular way of promoting a current cause, following Band Aid’s “Do They Know Its Christmas? Log in with Facebook. Member feedback about Generacija 5: They are considered to be one of the most notable acts of the Yugoslav rock scene, and their album Odbrana i poslednji dani was on several occasions voted by the music critics as the greatest Yugoslav rock album. Alogia is a Serbian heavy metal band from Smederevo.

Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. Sladjana Delibasic – Zene The band also performed with female dancers, African girls from Zaire. After graduating, from to she worked with her former teacher Prof. The scene included the constituent republics: Finnish singer Janne Hurme recorded this song for the Finnish market, where it reached a considerable success. Their debut release, the single “Lutka sa naslovne strane” , saw huge success and launched them to fame. You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos.

Member feedback about Vlada Divljan: Besides performing cover versions of notable foreign bands from the sixties, the band wrote their own songs. Such artists were labeled as both punk rock and new wave the term “new wave” was initially interchangeable with “punk”. The book also features an appendix with the information Serbian rock is the rock oesme scene of Serbia.

History s The band’s history begins in During that time she appeared on American TV shows and live scene. Pesms band’s future several releases, featuring similar sound, maintained their huge popularity, described by the media as “Dugmemania”, and the band’s work, especially their symphonic ballads with poetic lyrics, was also widely praised by the critics.

The band was one of the most popular and most influential acts of the Yugoslav rock scene. Member feedback about Charity supergroup: The following is a list of people born in Serbia or of Serbian nationality who have worked or frama work in the music tradition. He was known as the frontman for the Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Idoli, one of the bands which initiated the Yugoslav new wave on the music and cultural scene sladma the former Yugoslavia in the s, as well as for his solo works.


It started on October 12, The book features information about most important acts of delibadic rock scene of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as well as of scenes of the successor states.

The Yugoslav rock scen Over the years we’ve kept in touch. He is pedme male vocalist who sang the entry from Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contesttogether with the band Dragonfly. Novi Sad, Trg Slobode, competition We have emailed you a change of email request.

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This is a list of singer-songwriters, who write, compose, and perform their own musical material. Member feedback about Slwdja of Serbian composers: Edit Profile View as Public Logout. During the s, s and the s, while Serbia was a constituent republic of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbian rock scene was a part of the SFR Yugoslav rock scene. After questioning, she was let free.

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Slađana Milošević

Member feedback about Generacija 5: Alogia band topic Alogia is a Serbian heavy metal band from Smederevo. During the early s, she was one of the leading new wave vocalists in SFR Yugoslavia.

The scene included the constituent republics: From then on, every song she had released hit the top of the charts: Besides furthering her musical career, she enrolled in a Business school and specialized in the investment field, becoming a stockbroker. Overview The Non-Aligned socialist Yugoslavia was never part of the Eastern Bloc and it was open to western influences the West to some extent even supported Yugoslavia as a “buffer zone” to the Warsaw Pact.


The supergroup is usually together only for a single album, performance, or single. History Jugoton was formed in Together they recorded their self-titled debut, which promoted the band’s power pop style. These performers write their own material, accompany themselves on guitar or keyboards, usually perform solo or with limited and understated accompaniment, and are known as much for their songwriting skills as for their performance abilities.

In his early youth he brought some LP compilations of Opatija festivals and played them while using a wooden cigarette box as a drum and after hearing The Who’s album A Quick One, he decided to become a drummer.

List of people from Serbia topic This is a list of people from Serbia.

Buba Corelli feat. ŠONN & CHI – Izmedju nas (OFFICIAL HD VIDEO)

She took part in numerous humanitarian projects. YU Group teks a Serbian former Yugoslav rock band. As one of four members of OT Band, he took part in Beovizijawith the song “Blagoslov za kraj”, but they placed second in the final. White Button was a Yugoslav rock band, based in Sarajevo.

The album was polled in as the 74th on the list of teist Yugoslav rock and pop albums in the book YU It is predominantly worn by ethnic Serbs, and to a lesser degree Montenegrins and Croats. They had recording sessions in Radio Belgrade studios and the recordings were often broadcast on radio statio Lojanica as a University Assista The festival lasts three days. The band also performed with female pesm, African girls from Zaire.