Log in with Email. Gary discovers Kwang-soo just as the wooden box beneath him tips over. Kwangsoo needs some rest just do rm Health Is Wealth. Min-soo throws Jae-suk a thumbs-up. This is one of the few episodes where I thought it was pretty boring. But RM’s last episodes were good and I really did have fun, I don’t get why every week have people complaining ”how good rm was isn’t anymore. Even YJs doesnt feel as scared and the casts too Jihyo is a scardycat so not even counted to scare her at night in a forest ofcourse everygirl will scream The gap between amazing episode that rock my world is getting wider, the rest is just ok episodes that I think are fun, but not amazing.

Jae-suk drops the name tag and Min-soo steps on it. Even in Choi Minsoo’s first appearance, Jongkook basically surrendered himself. Lee Kwang Soo Main Cast. Successfully being coupled in the missions will earn them a date coupon. Log in with Email. Finally something about booster car seat. Wolf Boy and Jackal were represented by their female leads and not male leads O. Han Ye Seul Cameo.

If you google him, both Eun-hye and Geun-young come up in the searches too! We didn’t even see CMS tear off her name tag, probably because they didn’t wanna show how upset she was. Han Ye Seul Cameo. Love the uproar by the guys when she was feeding Jong-Kook a wrap and hilarious of Gary to put 4 garlic’s in Ji-Ho’s wrap.

Shin Min Ah Cameo. I have a tendency to watch pat episodes of RM repeatedly even if it is boring or not that good, but with some hilarious moments.


Even YJs doesnt feel as scared and the casts runnimg Jihyo is a scardycat so not even counted to scare her at night in a forest ofcourse everygirl will scream Only the ending felt lacking. Choi Min Soo obviously has the upper hand in this and thus there’s no excitement.

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There’s tooooo much scripting that I feel like Bo Young’s dissapearance didn’t even get explained on the show. I prefer the 3 seer men’s double eps or the middle-aged flower ahjussi’s eps than this. Her reply [via Kwang-soo]: Are you trying to ruin this show?!

The group is ushered into a fancy camping car to head to their next mission location. Show some appreciation guys or go direct your own reality show, see if you can do any better.

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Then the Hunter ever so slowly rips off his name tag and locks Haha away before running off into the darkness. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Suk-jin tugs at his half-buttoned shirt and it snaps open, giving us a sneak peek of those pecs. Other times, they betray each other throughout the race in order to win all the honor and glory for themselves. Song Joong Ki Cameo. I think Jihyo was actually scared when CMS came at her. Ah well, maybe next time will be more entertaining He being shirtless at the beginning, rejected by the girl, slap by Jong Kook and became an avartar.

The ladies, however, have the option to refuse that suitor.


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She and Bachelor 1 bicker some more, making their disinterest towards the other loud and clear. Don’t like how Park Bo young just disappeared does that mean she knew the plan from the beginning. That sounds like an empty promise, Mr. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! A few key points that made me come to this conclusion that this one is heavily scripted down to the tithe: Cast – Running Man.

This I believe is untrue. You ready to go up against the Hunter?

Isn’t it a norm in RM to have like tasks done by nightfall? Totally enjoy their interaction, especially the bickering between Ji Hyo and Jae Suk. I don’t know how scripted or whatever it was. She is pretty cute and lovely. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Can they just get back together again or what I’m really hoping for here, is to get together in real life as well.

The name tag now reassembled, Jae-suk walks runnng the camping grounds cautiously. You say how good it was before, makes me think it was really something. They start their search for it, though they have no idea the pieces are scattered.

Cut to Bachelor 6: